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The main practice at the nunnery is the invocation and praise of Mother Tara, the female Buddha that has vowed to come to the quick aid of all who invoke her. Nuns from Khachoe Ghakil Ling nunnery in Kathmandu take turns with staying at Yulo Koepa to recite the praises to Tara every day 24 hours a day. While staying at the nunnery, the nuns continue their studies under the care of a resident geshe, so they don't miss out on their philosophy studies while in Sarnath. They lead a simple life of practice, study and service to the local community.

The meals are simple and healthy. Lunch is usually rice, dhal and some vegetables, while in the evening soup, bread and tea are offered. A real treat is something like an omelet, or bread with peanut butter and jam.

yk gompa all nuns

This part of India it is very hot in the summer months. This makes life in the nunnery very difficult and the nuns suffer a lot under the heat. Due to the kind donation of a sponsor, the building of new accommodation with eight airy rooms and a breezy verandahs has improved the living conditions considerably. Airconditioning would be ideal but uses a lot of electricity, and running costs are very high.

Future plans for the nunnery: A beautiful spacious area around the gompa is needed for gatherings and public events. This involves demolishing the old building right in front of the temple. In its place will be another building sitting further in the back, where land is available.. As soon as the funds for this are available, the work will start.

 yk lunch in the garden

How does the nunnery finance itself

The nunnery receives occasional offerings from visitors, but it is primarily dependent on donations of benefactors who are devoted to Tara, and wish to encourage this wonderful and rare activity. During the winter months many  pilgrims come to Sarnath. The nunnery has set aside a few rooms for guests, which provides some extra income for the nunnery. 

The daily pujas of the nuns are open for sponsorships through the 'Gift of Prayer' where sponsors can choose one of three pujas, which will be dedicated to them or the people of their choosing for one year. The proceeds from these puja sponsorships help with the food cost


  • Make a donation towards the building of the new rooms for the nuns - any amount
  • Sponsor the living cost of a nun - suggested donation is 30 US$ for one month
  • Make a donation to the general expenses of the nunnery  - any amount
  • Offer a meal to the nuns on a special day - suggested donation 20 US$ per meal for all
  • Request a Gift of Prayer from Yulo Koepa - the proceeds will benefit the nunnery   

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