How to Help

The preservation and flourishing of the pure teachings of the Buddha, the source of all happiness, is a high priority for all Buddhists. The sangha community, it's monks and nuns, are the traditional keeper of these teachings. Making offerings to the sangha is an important part of maintaining and cherishing these teachings. The merit from offering to a sangha community remains as long as the sangha community exists.

There are many ways you can help the nunnery in its task of taking care of the 380 resident nuns. Talk to your friends about the nunnery. Let us know that the nunnery is important to you. Students and patrons that support the goals of the nunnery have always been and always will be the main stay to the survival and development of the community.

You can help through making donations to specific areas, such as food, medical care etc. Requesting pujas and prayers, buying incense from the incense workshop is also very helpful. Donations towards the general expenses are very helpful. Your contribution, be it big or small, helps us to look after the nuns in the best way: offering healthy food, tthe best education and proper medical care.

In gratitude for the help received all sponsors names are included in the daily prayers of the  nuns. We all pray for the long and healthy life of you and your family. May there be no sickness or obstacles of any kind and may all activities be successful and blessed by the Buddhas.

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Help us to make the nunnery financially secure. Make a donation to any of the items below, and be assured that your donation will be used in the best possible way to support the nun's community.

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Each donation will be personally acknowledged and announced to the community during the daily puja, with prayers performed for the benefactor.