General guidelines

To create and maintain an environment supportive of spiritual practice and life we need your support.

We respectfully ask that our guests follow the simple rules below to ensure a pleasant and harmonious stay.

Abide by the Five Precepts

1. Respect all life: do not intentionally kill any living being, even small insects.
2. Respect others' property: do not steal or take anything not freely given.
3. Be honest and straightforward: do not lie or intentionally deceive others. This is easy when observing silence!
4. Be celibate: no sexual activity. This also includes no holding hands, hugging, massages and other physical displays of affection.
5. Be alert and mindful: no intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are acceptable. We encourage you to stop smoking while here, but if this is impossible, one can smoke outside the gate.

Respect the nuns and their vows

Nuns live in their vows and follow a strict discipline of studies and practice, or work.  Do not distract them from their studies.  

Do not invite nuns to your room, or visit them in their rooms.

Do not engage in idle gossip with them. If you are in need of advice or wish to talk to a senior nun, please ask the reception to put you in touch with the right person.

Be mindful of your behavior and your speech

Be polite, quiet, and mindful of others' needs.  

Observe the dress code

We request that you wear non-revealing clothing at all times while staying at Kopan Monastery.

Long or short sleeve shirts covering the upper body and shoulders, and pants, long shorts, or dresses, that are roughly knee-length, are appropriate. Simple, casual clothing, that is easy to wash, is best. Inside the meditation hall, please wear a proper shirt, long pants or a calf-length skirt.

Do not bring any animals with you

Please do not bring your pets or stray dogs or cats to the monastery. We will not be able to accommodate you if you do. The nunnery has its own dogs and is caring for them. Our animal Sanctuary does not accept animals of any kind.

Do not play music anywhere

If you are listening to teachings or music, please do so with earphones only. If you bring a musical instrument, it will have to be stored in the reception during your stay.

Accommodation for male and female visitors is segregated

Please respect the privacy of our other guests and do not visit each other's rooms.

We appreciate your cooperation.