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Taking care of a large community is like taking care of a small town. There are many expenses behind the scene that are indispensable to the smooth running of a place. Services such as providing clean water, continued electricity supply, disposal of garbage and sewerage and efficient administration are all vital to keeping the community functioning. Maintenance of infrastructure, buildings and facilities is also essential.

The costs of all these 'background expenses' are high. But most of the donations that Kopan receives are dedicated for specific items, such as food, medical care etc, and cannot be used for other expenses. We invite you to help us in our efforts to keep the monastery running well. Sponsor any amount as a general donation or choose one of the special projects that are high on our priority list right now.

maintenanceRunning Cost

Electricity and water, fuel for the kitchen and for the cars, garbage disposal, and government fees are inescapable regular expenses. Our general maintenance crew keeps the water and electricity going,ensures that the generator works, and looks after the big and small repairs, and are always ready for an emergency.


 The nunnery is beautiful, and we like to keep it that way. Mother Nature however does not alwayscooperate with this wish. Monsoon is hard on the people, but even harder on buildings and infrastructure. Monsoon is very destructive: buildings get black streaks, stone walls collapse and need to be rebuilt; the rain washes out the pathways and roads. Repair and repaint for all buildings needs to be done every few years. Make a donation to keep the Nunnery buildings beautiful as offerings to the Buddhas.


 There are many rooms, for the nuns, for guests, and they all need regular cleaning, corridors and staircases need sweeping, windows need washing. Several cleaners employed to look afer that.


Maintaining the beautiful but large garden area is an ongoing concern. The nunnery employs three full gardeners. In the dry season, watering needs to be done on a daily basis, whereas in monsoon grass cutting is needed. This provids jobs for many people from the surrounding villages. 

Wages for the people helping to keep the nunnery functioning.

The nunnery employs around 40 people in its various departments, including cleaners, cooks, guards, maintenance workers and gardeners. We appreciate your contribution towards their wages. 

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Thanking you for your consideration and generosity