Accommodation and Meals


Khacho Ghakil Ling Nunnery offers accommodation for private guests, groups and retreaters. Single and double rooms, with or without private bath are available. Room allocation is based on your request and availability. Double rooms are on a share basis. Please remember that male and female accommodation is segregated.

Groups are welcome to stay - please book the accommodation for your group well in advance.

The nunnery has special retreat accommodation for those who wish to do a long, strict retreat. Please contact us for details.


The nunnery kitchen provides the meals for all the nuns as well as for our guests.The meals served are vegetarian, nutritious and plentiful.

Meal times:  Breakfast: 7.30 – 8 am; Lunch: 11.30 – 12.15, Dinner: 6.30 – 7 pm. Please be on time for the meals. The kitchen staff serves a large number of meals every day and they appreciate their break times.

The dining room is closed at other times. The Nunnery Café is available for snacks, soft drinks, fruit juices and meals: please ceck the opening times.