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Four Mandala offering to Cittamani Tara

Performed once every month on the 8th day of the Tibetan month.

Tara the Wisdom Mother is invoked in times of personal difficulties, family and business problems, and when there is a need for quick wisdom action. She manifests in twenty-one different forms to benefit all beings. In the aspect of Cittamani Tara, she responds quickly to the requests of those who pray to her.


Namgyalma  Puja

Performed once every month

This puja is performed to remove all obstacles to long life. Namgyalma is one of the three Long life Deities ( White Tara, Amitayus, and Namgyalma). Making requests to these deities helps to remove obstacles to one's lifespan that can manifest in the form of accidents, quick, fatal illness. Praying to Namgyalam also can improve the quality of one's life. During this puja extensive offerings are


Homage to the goddess White Tara

This prayer is recited daily

The prayer 'Homage to the Goddess White Tara' was composed by the First Dalai Lama Gyalwa Gendun Drub. White Tara is particularly effective in removing obstacles to one's long life and as a healing practice. Visually, she is notable for her seven eyes—four on the palms of her hand and soles of her feet, one in her wisdom eye location, and her two regular eyes. She is a female buddha - an aspect of Arya Tara.

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