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If you come to the nunnery during school time, you might hear the exuberant chanting of the Tibetan alphabet by the young nuns, animated classroom discussion in English, or sometimes the sound of bells and cymbals, or of prayers being recited. There is a lively atmosphere, with nuns coming and going, carrying their books and school bags, just like in any courtyard in any ordinary school all over the world.

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The modern curriculum adopted by the nunnery school combines the Nepal School syllabus and Universal Education Principles as set out by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche and based on Nepal and Indian standards, with subjects such as English, Tibetan and Nepali languages, art, math, science and social study.Right in the beginning, the lamas recognized the importance of general knowledge and English language skills for the monks in this modern world.

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There are 250 nuns enrolled in the school ranging in age from 7 to 25. Classes are held from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm, during which time the the nuns follow a very busy schedule of classes, activities and homework.The school year has three terms, and exams are held on all subjects each term. The school offers classes are from Grade 1 – 10, making it possible to attend the  the yearly government exams after class if the nuns wish. School attendance is compulsory up to class ten. The subjects covered are the same as in any normal school.

Three languages are taught at the school. Visitors are pleasantly surprised to be able to communicate with the older nuns. Tibetan is studied in much depth with emphasis on grammar and writing, as this is the language of their religious studies.

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All Buddhist texts, be they religious prayers or philosophy, are studied in Tibetan.

Nepali, being the main local language, and English, the language of the modern world receive intensive attention as well. Towards the end of the school year a series of plays are performed, in which each class composes and presents a script according to a theme given to them by their teacher. The themes range from hilarious to profound and the skills of the young actors are astonishing.another class

Once a year the primary school students go for an excursion, sometimes to the zoo, the botanical garden, the general fire department in Kathmandu and similar public institutions. Many of the young monks come from quite remote hill and mountain areas, and for them these excursions are the highlight of the year.

Recently, fire safety training has been added to the curriculum for both the monastery and the nunnery. A very kind Australian sponsor donated all the necessary firefighting equipment, even down to the safety clothes, helmets and shoes. Every year, fire training is on the schedule for the fire fighting team, practicing first aid, resuscitation, and memorizing the fire safety regulations. This is of course also great fun, as it involves putting out small to medium fires the correct way, with a lot of cheering from the spectators.

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