Daily Schedule

 A day in the lives of the nuns is just as long if not longer than that of an investment banker. The day starts at 4.30 am, with morning puja, during which breakfast is offered. The pujas performed are usually requested by students and benefactors all over the world. Sometimes the puja is very long.

The day is filled with classes, studies, lectures, and some work chores.five young nuns crop 2

04:30 am

Morning Puja with breakfast

07:00 am

Short break, then reviewing the memorized texts

07:30 am

Memorizing prayers

09.00 am

Morning school classes

12:00 pm

Lunch and Free time

01:00 pm

Afternoon school classes

04:00 pm

Memorize texts, such as prayers, or philosophy text

06:30 pm

Dinner and Free Time

07:30 pm

Evening prayers or debate

10:00 pm

Homework or personal practice

11:00 pm

Lights out.


Saturday is a free day, time to visit parents or friends in Boudhanath.

School is held from Monday to Friday, with every second Sunday reserved for special events such as competitions, spelling bees, speeches.